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Hospital Escort & Medical Interpretation

African Services' hospital escort and medical interpretation programs bridge the gap between the African immigrant community and the health care system in New York City.

With over two dozen languages spoken on staff, we help newcomers overcome language barriers, navigate the health system and receive essential treatment and affordable care.

Hospital Escort Program

Twice weekly, African Services hosts a health and hospital orientation familiarizing immigrants in need of care with their health rights and the public services available to them.

Each session includes an HIV prevention information and emphasizes the importance of knowing your HIV status as part of preventive health care.  Nearly 90% of participants take the opportunity to receive a free and confidential HIV test while at African Services.

Staff then escort participants to one of our partner hospitals, assist them in applying for a hospital card qualifying them for low-cost care and schedule an appointment for a follow-up doctor's visit.

Medical Interpretation

Our staff of medical interpreters also escort clients to hospitals and clinics throughout the city, providing translation and serving as a patient advocates for immigrants. As a bridge between providers and patients, they help facilitate diagnosis, treatment adherence and follow-up care to maximize health outcomes.

For pregnant women at risk for HIV, African Services' medical interpreters also staff weekly outreach and testing sessions at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital prenatal clinic.

Staff provide interpretation in the following languages:
Amharic, Abbey, Ashanti, Attie, Bambara, Bangla, Basar, Dioula, Dogon, English, French, Fulani, Haitian Creole, Italian, Kiswahili, Kotkoli, Mandingo, Malenke, Mina, Pulaar, Spanish, Senoufo, Serere, Shona, Soninke, Tamil, Tigrinya, Twi, Wolof.