We News: Home Still Far Away for Immigrants with HIV

Few female immigrants have enjoyed the benefit of the travel ban on people with HIV lifted three years ago Financial hardships, fear of stigma in their homelands and uncertainties about their U.S. legal status all block the way. Read more here.

The Atlantic: "A Catch for Undocumented Immigrants in Recent Reforms"

Alexandra Starr worked with ASC staff attorney, Jessica Greenberg, and ASC DACA client, Yilbert Pena, to tell his immigration story -- Years of hiding mean squeaky-clean youths don't have the paper trail to prove they've been in the U.S.. Those with infractions on their records, bizarrely, are better off. Read more here.

American Heaven - WNYC Radio Rookie, Danielle, shares her immigrant story

American Heaven - WNYC Radio Rookie, Danielle, opens up about her experience immigration here from the Congo, and about the unknown difficulties she faced upon arrival and how she had to put on a 'strong front' to those back home. Listen to the full story below or click here.


1,300 Strong, Immigrants Rally in Albany for NY DREAM and other Immigrant Priorities

ASC Case Manager and Community Advocate, Bakary Tandia, was there with ASC clients. Read here to learn more!