WNYC & Harper’s Feature ASC’s Work to Help Trafficking Victim

Thank you to WNYC, Harper's Magazine and NPR's Alexandra Starr for revealing the horrors of human trafficking in "Trafficked to Play, Then Forgotten." The story, which reveals how the demand for college basketball talent has led to human trafficking in countries like Nigeria, was also heard on NPR All Things Considered and The Brian Lehrer Show, with the print version "American Hustle: How elite youth basketball exploits African athletes" by Alexandra Starr appearing in Harper's Magazine April edition (click here to read the full story).

African Services' dedicated legal team, led by ASC Supervising Attorney Kate Webster along with ASC staff attorney Jessica Greenberg, worked tirelessly to help secure a bright future for Alley Ene. 

Alley has set up an Indiegogo campaign to help him pay for college. Check it out here.

"It's an important story of exploitation of young African athletes and the many faces of human trafficking," Webster said.    

"Alley, is a remarkable young man. He's working overtime to make ends meet, and dreams of someday being able to go back to school. 

Click here to listen to the story.