Clinics & Staff: Ziway Clinic

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ASC Founder and Co-Executive Director, Asfaha Hadera, and Co-Executive Director, Kim Nichols, are seen here with ASC’s Ziwey Health and Community Development Center staff including ASC’s dynamic youth theater outreach group. 

In the Fall of 2010, in collaboration with Castel Winery and BGI, African Services expanded to the southern region of Ethiopia with the our Health & Community Development Center, in Ziway. Ziway is a young and bustling town with a large fishing and horticulture industry, as well as many colleges and educational institutions. It was important that ASC expand to this area and provide our services to the vulnerable transient and young populations. Ziway began as a ‘tent city’ set up in the middle of the downtown area and has finally migrated to its current brick-and-mortar home that serves over thousands of clients each year.

Services provided include community outreach & HIV prevention education; counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS; CD4 testing; vitamin & nutritional supplement distribution; micro lending for people living with HIV, and children's shoe distribution.


  • ZiwayLocationTesfaye Tsegaye - Site Coordinator
  • Wogayehu Yosefe - Accountant/Cashier
  • Zelalem Getu - Laboratory Technician
  • Lalisa Abebe - Counselor Nurse
  • Meron Amede - Counselor Nurse
  • Yeromnesh Fantahun - Data Encoder and Receptionist
  • Goha Abera - Outreach
  • Arega Brisa - Outreach
  • Meseret Ermias - Outreach
  • Mengeste Tesfaye - Guard
  • Asrat H/Mariam - Guard
  • Dessalegn Adebo - Guard
  • Tareke Lamboro - Janitor
  • Sintayehu Tekle - Janitor