Clinics & Staff: Addis Ababa

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Image courtesy of Ella Mack |

The Henry van Ameringen Health and Community Development Center, located in the Shola Market in Addis Ababa, was the first location established upon ASC’s return to Ethiopia in September 2003. Located in the largest open-air market in Addis, this clinic provides free services to over 6,000 of the most vulnerable people in this community, each year.

Services include:

  • Community outreach and HIV prevention education
  • Full laboratory including HIV, STI, and TB counseling and testing, CD4 monitoring, hematology, chemistry and microscopy services
  • Antiretroviral treatment, TB and STI treatment, and treatment to prevent opportunistic infections
  • Treatment adherence support
  • Reproductive health and family planning, including contraception, in partnership with DKT Ethiopia
  • Pediatric HIV/AIDS case management
  • Multivitamin and micronutrient supplement distribution for children and pregnant and lactating women, in partnership with Vitamin Angels
  • Children’s nutritional support, in partnership with Save the Children
  • Micro-lending and income-generating support (IGA)
  • Children’s new shoe distribution, in partnership with TOMS Shoes.





In addition to our work in Shola Market, ASC also serves nearby Entoto Mountain as part of our Positive Kids Program. This program serves over 40 HIV positive children enrolled in our Pediatric HIV/AIDS case management program, allowing these children and their families, who live geographically isolated from the capital and far from most public health interventions, to have access to HIV and TB testing, treatment and care, supplemented by nutritional support, shoe distribution, IGA projects and more.

Image of ASC Ethiopia Shola Clinic Staff courtesy of Ella Mack |

Head Office:

  • Hana Woldegebrial - Acting Country Director
  • Solomon Berhane - Administration & Finance Manager
  • Yokabel Abdo - Senior Accountant
  • Dereje Zewdu - Driver
  • Hailu Aragaw - Guard
  • Leul T/Tsadik - Guard
  • Mekonnen Tadesse - Guard
  • Asqual H/Mariam - Janitor


Shola Clinic:

  • Ejegayehu Taddese - Site Coordinator
  • Dr. Fitsume Kebret - Physician
  • Haregeoyn Asrat - Laboratory Technician
  • Kebedech Seyoum - Counselor Nurse
  • Netsanet H/Mariam - Laboratory Technician
  • Alem Mekonnen - Pediatric Manager
  • Nigussie Gonche - Dispensary Technician
  • Yemisrach Molla - Counselor Nurse
  • Seblewongel Tamiru - Records & Data Clerk
  • Yordanos Debesa - ART Data Encoder
  • Habtom Aboye - Outreach Coordinator
  • Tisgereda Getachew - Outreach
  • Sewareg Taddesse - Outreach
  • Sintayehu Merete - ART Case Manager
  • Genet Tsegaye - Outreach
  • Mekoya Ayele - Outreach
  • Zaid Gidy - Store Keeper/Cashier
  • Abreham Gorfeneh - Guard
  • Ayele Asrat - Guard
  • Shikur Kelifa - Guard
  • Tigist T/Berhan - Janitor
  • Messay Alebachew - Janitor