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Rising Leaders Council

Rising Leaders Council Committee meetings are coming up. It is not too late to join and RSVP (see links below)!

Rising Leaders Council Impact

Rising Leaders volunteer their time and talent in three main areas:

Client Support and Volunteering - RLC members care about the clients we serve. They teach English classes, help lead cooking classes, translate and provide career assistance to help our clients move from sickness to success. The most recent meeting was Feb. 21, but it's not too late to join if you missed it. Click here to sign up and receive updates on the next RLC Client Support and Volunteering meeting.

Events - RLC members envision, create and produce parties, dinners, events and campaigns to showcase African Services’ work and contribute to a fundraising campaign of $20,000. The most recent meeting was March 9, but it isn't too late to join if you missed it. Click here to sign-up.

Connections - RLC members are activists, advocates and ambassadors for African Services. They talk, text, tweet, post, insta, blog and write about its successes and challenges, spread the word about events and campaigns and create connections to fill needs for the organization. The most recent meeting was March 2, but it's not too late to join if you missed it. Click here to sign up and receive updates on the next RLC Advocacy/ Connections meeting.

Rising Leaders Committee Sign-Up here.

About Rising Leaders

The Rising Leaders Council is a group of professionals from different industries and backgrounds who share African Services commitment to helping immigrants and their families thrive in the face of sickness, discrimination, hunger and homelessness. They join a dynamic network of leaders in law, business,media, health, arts, non-profit and international development to support each other to achieve best results for African Services and fellow Rising Leader members. 

African Services Mission and History

Founded more than 35 years ago, African Services in New York helps more than 6,500 immigrants a year access the tools to thrive. It is an open door for those who have had many close to them while facing sickness, unemployment, hunger and homelessness. Services, provided by staff that speaks 25 languages and dialects, range from free immigration legal services, HIV/TB testing, healthcare navigation, food pantry, English classes, mental health and housing/shelter placement. Each $100 raised pays for a homeless family to receive healthy fresh food for a week to start them on a path to recovery and success.  

Rising Leader Council Requirements

1. Make a one-year commitment to active participation in African Services’ Rising Leaders Council.

2. Contribute time and talent to producing one event a year showcasing African Services’ work and clients.

3. Attend a minimum of three meetings and two events a year, including the Rising Leaders event. Others can include client cooking classes, teaching English, AIDS Walk, and the annual benefit, among other events/opportunities.  

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Ilfenesh Hadera Give African Services' Rising Leaders Special Shout Out! Click here to watch.





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